#LGLocalLegends Videos

Merissa Forsyth

Pretty Foundation

"When it comes to appearance, why do our girls believe different is a bad thing?" Pretty Foundation is helping to empower girls to nurture a positive body image - establishing a world where girls are comfortable in their bodies and confident in themselves, to conquer their endeavours.

Adele Jago

Search Dogs Sydney

Hear the heartwarming story of Adele Jago and her Search & Rescue best friend, Boof. One of the many LG Local Legends that were uncovered throughout this tough year, doing incredible things for their country and local community.

Jamie Wolf

Fencing For Fires

During the Summer bushfire season of 2019-2020, an estimated 14 - 19 million hectares of Australian land was burnt. Fencing For Fires Founder, Jamie Wolf has been leading rebuild efforts, helping fire-affected Australians restore their farmlands.

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Melissa and Peter McGuinness

YOU CHOOSE – Youth Road Safety

In 2012, their 18-year-old son, Jordan was speeding under the influence of alcohol and drugs when he drove his car into a stationary vehicle. His choices killed four young victims in the other car as well as himself. This heartbreaking incident inspired the couple to help make a difference in altering the behaviours and choices of young drivers to prevent further road trauma – ultimately, saving lives.

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Colin Greef

Soldier On

A 33 year Navy veteran, started a campaign to collect donated guitars which he repairs and restrings for disadvantaged children. He has so far collected over 120 guitars, distributed with the help of Soldier On Australia, to children along the south coast and the bush, affected by fire and drought.

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Jennifer Hunt

Pet Medical Crisis Fund

Around 62 per cent of Australians own a pet and with this comes the likelihood that some may struggle if their pet becomes seriously ill. For the last decade, Jennifer has been helping pensioners and low income families across Victoria keep their furry friends alive by funding veterinary care and relieving financial distress through her not-for-profit, Pet Medical Crisis.