Honouring "local Legends" during a time of need

Posted 30 Jul 2020

Life in Australia, as in most other countries around the world, has proved very challenging these past few months. In addition to managing the effects of the pandemic, the South Pacific nation has also had to contend with debilitating drought and raging bushfires. It’s enough to make anyone want to hit the fast forward button to 2021.

Unprecedented though these times may be, these challenges haven’t stopped Aussies from pulling together and doing what it takes to make life better, every day. To honour the efforts of groups and individuals going beyond the call of duty during these tough times, LG initiated the LG Local Legends (#LGLocalLegends) campaign. From May to October 2020, this campaign recognises those who are making a positive difference in their communities. In turn, LG Electronics Australia are rewarding the winners’ selflessness with something to make their own lives easier – convenient, connected, cutting-edge LG products.

Any citizen, club or organisation may be nominated, the common thread being that they have gone above and beyond to support their fellow Aussie, improving life in a meaningful way. Every week, a “Local Legend” deserving of the nation’s attention and thanks is announced at https://www.lg.com/au/LGlocallegends.

Let’s meet some of the LG Local Legends and learn about their exemplary acts of selfless giving and kindness.

Jamie Wolf

In 2015, Jamie Wolf of Barnawartha, Victoria, witnessed first-hand the impact bushfires can have, watching helplessly while his family’s farm burned. In response, Jamie and his father launched a volunteer fence repair group, Fencing for Fires.

Fast forward to the devastating 2019-2020 bushfire season, and the father and son duo are now helping to re-fence farmlands across the states of Victoria and New South Wales. Funded by Jamie himself as well as cash and materials donated by members of the community, Fencing for Fires has enabled many farm owners to get back on track in the wake of the region’s latest round of disastrous bushfires. Commenting on his work, Jamie said, “My mission is to see the rebuilding through until there is no one left who needs our help and those affected by the fires have some sort of normality back in their lives.”

Jennifer Hunt

Since 2010 Jennifer Hunt of Caulfield, Victoria has been running a not-for-profit organisation, the Pet Medical Crisis Fund, to assist pensioners and low-income families with the burden of expensive veterinary bills. To date the charity has assisted 620 pet owners to keep their beloved furry friends in the best possible health.

During the pandemic, there has been a rise in the number of people requiring medical assistance for their pets, and the Pet Medical Crisis Fund has been there to help. In addition to covering pet medical bills for those unemployed, the foundation also provides support with safe access to care as a result of  social distancing restrictions.

Jennifer’s charity is also available to assist veterinarians if they need financial or other support.

Peter & Melissa McGuiness

Peter and Melissa McGuinness of Gold Coast, Queensland are local heroes working to help Aussie youth stay safe on the roads through their not-for-profit, YOU CHOOSE – Youth Road Safety.

In 2012, the McGuinness’s 18-year-old son, Jordan, was driving under the influence when he hit a stationary vehicle, killing its four young occupants and losing his own life as well. The heartbreaking incident inspired the couple to help young drivers make better choices to prevent further unnecessary driving-related fatalities.

Today, the McGuinness’s run presentations for school groups, their programs championed by police officers, teachers, parents and health and safety organisations. But more importantly, they are welcomed by Australian youth. The couple’s efforts to turn their tragedy into a life-saving initiative is a story worth telling. “I’m determined to do everything I possibly can to help young people protect themselves, their families and their communities from the preventable misery of youth road trauma,” said Peter.

The LG Local Legends campaign is enabling LG Electronics Australia to forge closer connections with local consumers and to show its continuing support for those who share their commitment to making life better. To learn more about LG Local Legends, visit LG Local Legends and watch this video.