LG Local Legend
Ben Neal


Meet Local Legend, Ben Neal

In May, Ben Neal of NSW became LG Electronics Australia’s first named LG Local Legend winner. Ben received a nomination due to his selfless efforts helping families in bushfire ravaged communities get back on track more easily.

The bushfire devastation we experienced end of 2019/ early 2020 impacted the lives of thousands of Australians, businesses and dozens of towns throughout our country.

Ben, a passionate mechanic and father of two young girls, used his contacts and skills in automotive repairs to source 11 cars, fix them and then donate the vehicles to fire affected families across New South Wales from Cessnock to Bargo, Balmoral and Wingello.

We sat down with Ben to learn more about his act of kindness and how he is making a difference to those who need support most.

LG: What prompted you to give back in your community?

BN: I genuinely wanted to help friends and family who have suffered from the recent and previous fire seasons and I’ve personally seen firsthand what fires do to people.

LG: How did you come up with the concept?

BN: I observed how Fireshed was filling up with the same type of donations over time and then came up with the idea of donating cars. I thought people would have lost cars in the devastations – and people really need cars for getting around!

LG: Have you come up against any challenges?

BN: The biggest challenge with the cars was dealing with legal/ registration side of things. Fortunately, our local Service NSW was helpful and understanding.

LG: What results have you achieved so far?

BN: We have donated a total of 11 cars to families from Cessnock right through to Lake Conjola - also including Balmoral and Wingello.

LG: What is next for you and your initiative?

BN: At this point, everyone we got connected with is back on the road. However, we are ready and able to support should the need arise.

We would truly like to thank Ben for his contributions to deserving families across New South Wales. We wish him our best as he continues to make a difference in the lives of others.

If you know someone like Ben making positive contributions through their time, actions, talents and/or dedication to others, you can nominate them to be named an LG Local Legend by visiting www.lglifesgood.com.au/nominate-a-local-legend. We are looking forward to celebrating their achievements with you soon!